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Dragon Scale Plant (Alocasia dragon scale)

Dragon Scale Plant (Alocasia dragon scale)

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The Dragon Scale Plant (Alocasia dragon scale)

The Alocasia Dragon Scale gives a striking look with its thick, futuristic coloured leaves, with the deep green contrasting with the bright green lending to it’s name.

The Dragon Scale Plant is one of many varieties of Alocasia. 

Where is the Alocasia Dragon Scale plant best suited?

These really are "middle of the ground" plants. They won't tolerate direct sunlight, in fact it can be detrimental to the leaves, and you might see browning and curling as a result. They're also not great in particularly low light levels, and you'll find they will stretch and lean to find light. A fairly bright, indirect light source is ideal.   

What about water and humidity?

The Alocasia Black Velvet like humid conditions, and they make ideal kitchen and bathroom plants. Despite enjoying higher humidity, ensure the soil dries out between watering, as they can be prone to leaf rot. 

How big will my Alocasia Dragon Scale grow?

If you’re looking for a fairly short plant, this is a good choice. Rarely will the Dragon Scale plant reach heights of over 50cm, normally more around 30cm, but will tend to splay outwards more than grow upwards.

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