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Devils Ivy Plant (Epipremnum Aureum)

Devils Ivy Plant (Epipremnum Aureum)

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The Devils Ivy Plant (Epipremnum aureum)

What looks great hanging off a book shelf, or draped over the end of a kitchen worktop? A Devils Ivy of course. These are really easy, fast growing and elegant hanging plants, that are really versatile around the home, and can make a real statement. 

They are perfect for either hanging or draping, and the leaves and stems can be easily trained to grow in exactly the shape you like. 

Where is the Devils Ivy plant best suited?

The best thing about these beautiful plants, is that they tolerate all kind of light levels, other than really bright direct sunlight. Therefore if you have a fairly dark room, or somewhere that only gets light at certain times throughout the day, the Devils Ivy will make a good choice. 

What about water and humidity?

Another great benefit of the Devils Ivy is that you can let it dry out periodically, and it won't particularly mind. Try not to let the soil dry out entirely, but it won't mind if it went a couple of weeks without a top up. When watering, the leaves and mid level small roots will enjoy a nice spray as well.

How big will my Devils Ivy plant grow?

In the wild, these can grow as long as 40 feet or so. However a healthy Devils Ivy cultivated indoors could reach as long as 10 feet or so, with the correct watering, nutrients and light levels.  

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