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Medallion Plant (Calathea roseorbita)

Medallion Plant (Calathea roseorbita)

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The Medallion Plant (Calathea roseorbita)

Another gorgeous variety of Calathea - some of the most colourful and interesting of all house plants. 

Where is the Medallion Plant best suited?

Most of the Calathea varieties prefer fairly bright, but indirect sunlight. They will tolerate low light rooms, but the plant may experience slightly wilted leaves and a slower growth rate. Ideal place is close to a window or in a well lit room. 

What about water and humidity?

Try not to dry out the soil to much, or the Calathea roseorbita will start to wilt. Keep the soil constantly moist, but be sure not to overwater. Allow plenty of drainage to stop the plant sat in stagnant water.

How big will my Medallion Plant grow?

These can grow fairly sizable, with older specimens reaching heights of around 100cm tall. 

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