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Pink Star Plant (Aglaonema pink star)

Pink Star Plant (Aglaonema pink star)

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The Pink Star Plant (Aglaonema pink star)

Well you really can’t miss this one! These striking pink leaves - almost pink grapefruit colour - are perfectly formed, with mottled green around the edges. If you want a bit of striking colour that also delivers elegance, the Aglaonema pink star is a great choice.

These don’t often come up for sale, so seize the opportunity as it arises…

Where is the Pink Star plant best suited?

The Aglaonema pink star is best suited to fairly low light conditions, away from direct sunlight. They originate from subtropical climates in Asia, so would generally live under the canopy,  it exposed to the full power of the sun. 

What about water and humidity?

Allow your Aglaonema to dry out on the top layer of soil between watering, or you could face some root rot. But ensure that a few centimetres down, the soil remains damp.

How big will my Pink Star plant grow?

Normal sizes for these are around 30-50cm, however in the wild they can reach heights of up to 120cm tall!

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