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Satin Pothos Plant (Scindapsus pictus trebie)

Satin Pothos Plant (Scindapsus pictus trebie)

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The Satin Pothos Plant (Scindapsus pictus trebie)

Not only is this a fabulous looking hanging plant, with beautiful mottled green leaves, but the Scindapsus pictus trebie is remarkably easy to maintain as well. These look great sat on the edge of a shelf, or hanging off a hook. 

Want to big up the jungle vibe in your living space? The Scindapsus will definitely help you achieve just that. 

Where is the Scindapsus plant best suited?

A nice easy plant to maintain, and will thrive in most light levels. Keep away from direct sunlight, so a nice shady spot in room not to close to a bright window would be ideal. 

What about water and humidity?

The Scindapsus won't mind to much if it dries out, which makes it quite a easy plant to maintain. When the top layer of soil gets dry, then it will want topping up. Do ensure you don't overwater, as it won't take well to sitting in soaked soil or stagnant water. 

How big will my Scindapsus plant grow?

These can get rather long in the wild or if kept outdoors, reaching lengths of 10 feet or more. However when potted up inside, you an normall expect lengths of up to 3 feet if looked after properly. 

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